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Dental Services

Comprehensive Dental Care in Vernon

At Cornerstone Dental Group - Dr Rex Hawthorne and Associates, our compassionate dentists and dental team provide a complete range of dental health services to keep your smile healthy. We also serve Lake Country, Armstrong, Lumby, Nakusp, Lavington, and Enderby. 

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Preventive Dental Hygiene, Vernon Dentist

Preventive Hygiene

Regular preventive dental care to keep your smile healthy and happy.

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Restorative Dental Services, Vernon Dentist

Restorative Services

Dental services to restore your smile, including fillings, crowns and bridges.

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Cosmetic Dental Services, Vernon Dentist

Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic dental care designed to improve the appearance of your smile.

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Botox Treatment, Vernon Dentist

Botox Treatment

Our dental team offers Botox injections as a treatment option for our Vernon patients.

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Oral Surgery, Vernon Dentist

Oral Surgery

Procedures to restore your oral health including extractions, gum grafts, and sinus lifts.

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Dental Implants, Vernon Dentist

Dental Implants

Dental implants to replace missing teeth and improve the look and function of your smile. 

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Orthodontics, Vernon Dentist


Braces, Invisalign, and more to help straighten your teeth and make you smile.

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Dental Appliances, Vernon Dentist

Dental Appliances

Custom-fitted mouth guards and night guards to help protect your overall oral health.

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Dental Sedation, Vernon Dentist

Dental Sedation

Sedation options to help nervous and anxious patients feel more relaxed and comfortable.

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Same-Day Restorations, Vernon Dentist

Same-Day Restorations

We use CEREC® to place dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays in the same day.

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Are you looking for a dentist in Vernon? We are welcoming new patients to our clinic. Contact us today to take the first step towards better oral health.

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